Guam's Original 'Home Store' Since 1980

Since 1980, The Carpet Store has grown from a staff of three to over 40 employees, to become Guam's largest retailer of residential & commercial carpeting, Guam flooring, and Guam window treatments, representing some of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world.

The Carpet Store also was Guam's first fabricators of Graber® Vertical Blinds (in 1984), LaPetite® 1" Aluminum miniblinds(in 1986) and in January of 1998, began fabrication on two new window treatments; Graber® Woodlines, 2" Horizontal faux wood, and 2" Grandeur Designer Mini Blinds, available in solid colors and embossed finishes. From floorcoverings to window treatments,

We stock many type of residential Guam carpets. Stop by our showroom behind the ITC Building in Tamuning see our selection of saxonies, textured trackless cutpiles, berbers, to patterned cutpiles, available in nylon, new PET polyester and polypropylene, available in many stocking colors.

If you are looking for Guam window treatments, draperies, miniblinds, vertical blinds, pleated shades, or the new 2" woodlblinds or 2" vinyl blinds, The Carpet Store has just the right product for you. We can provide custom draperies (special order), with a variety of fabrics and styles to choose from. Custom Made blinds is our specialty. We now can fabricate the following blinds in just 7 days, made to your exact specifications.

The Carpet Store Guam will always be Guam's best choice, with the largest inventory of stocking products as well as the knowledge and experience to be able to assist you in making a decision on what is right for your home or office.